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Faithful Women and their Extraordinary God

Faithful Women and their Extraordinary God

Noél Piper | Crossway Books | 9781581346732

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These are the stories of five ordinary womenÑSarah Edwards, Lilias Trotter, Gladys Aylward, Esther Ahn Kim, and Helen RoseveareÑwho trusted in their extraordinary God as he led them to do great things for his kingdom. No‘l Piper holds up their lives and deeds as examples of what it means to be truly faithful. Learning about these women will challenge readers to make a difference for Christ in their families, in the church, and throughout the world. ÒA fine work of drawing the reader into the historical and spiritual life of these early pioneer missionaries.ÊWell worth reading as a family.Ó Ñ Lars and Elisabeth Gren (Elliot) ÒNo‘l Piper tells the stories of five women whose lives declare something we have almost forgottenÑwhat it means to be a Christian. May the influence of this book cause that awareness to burn brightly again in our generation!Ó Ñ Ray and Jani Ortlund , Christ Presbyterian Church, Nashville, Tenn. ÒI highly recommend this book as one of the great sagas of missionaries and Christian biography.Ó Ñ David M. Howard , Former President,ÊLatin America Mission ÒWe live in a Christian subculture that can intimidate women from stepping out in faithful risk-taking for God. No‘l Piper challenges all of us to move away from intimidation to imitation: ÔRemember your leaders . . . imitate their faithÕ (Hebrews 13:7).Ó Ñ Dr. Rick Love , Intl. Director, Frontiers, and Fran Love , editor of Longing to Call Them Sisters: Ministry to Muslim Women

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