Wherever You Go, I Want You To Know

SKU: 9781784985356
Wherever You Go, I Want You To Know

Wherever You Go, I Want You To Know

SKU: 9781784985356
Author: Melissa Kruger | Publisher: Good Book Company

Kids love to dream about what they might do when they grow up: jobs they might have, places they might go, people they might meet. And parents and carers love to encourage and support them.

But for Christian parents and carers, their greatest aspiration for their children, their dream of all dreams, is that whatever their kids do and wherever they go, they will love and follow Jesus.

As children embark on life’s journey with all their potential and aspirations, express to them your biggest dream with this beautiful illustrated rhyming children’s book.

As well as teaching children about the only thing that really matters in life, this book also reminds parents that telling their kids about Jesus is more important than anything else.

Makes a wonderful gift for a wide range of children—from 3 year olds to 8 year olds and even beyond—for birthdays, Christmas or graduation.

Written by Melissa Kruger: mother, bestselling author, speaker, blogger, and Director of Women’s Content at The Gospel Coalition.

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Amazing book! Great gift!

I LOVE this book. It has a Dr Seuss vibe with the rhymes but is also very clear and biblically sound. I gave this as a present to my nephews over lockdown with a video of me reading it to them. I then sent a copy to a number of other children I know. The premise is: where ever you go, I have something I want you to know. I pray you love Jesus with all of you heart. He loves you etc.
It is a lovely gift as it is written as almost a letter from the giver or reader to the child to whom it is being read. Highly recommend buying this book and it is a bargain for a hard cover picture book!

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