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Ministry Under The Microscope

Ministry Under The Microscope

Allan Chapple; Latimer Trust Staff (Contribution by) | Latimer Trust | 9781906327514

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We Christians use the word “ministry” a great deal—and like any word that is used so often, its meaning can be rather hard to pin down. But if it is important enough to be used so much, we need to be clear about what “ministry” means—and that requires us to dig deeply into the Bible, the Ministry Manual God has given us.

That is how this book seeks to answer the big three questions about “ministry”: What? Why? How?

About the Author:

Allan Chapple is senior lecturer in New Testament at Trinity Theological College, Perth WA. He has pastored churches in Western Australia and England, and was founding Director of the Perth Centre for Applied Christian Studies, then founding Principal of Trinity Theological College.

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