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Mind the Gaps: Engaging the Church in Missionary Care

Mind the Gaps: Engaging the Church in Missionary Care

David J. Wilson | The Wandering Bookseller | 9780578160535

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You've been a sending church for years. You're known as the missions-minded standout in your local community. Each year you host missionaries home on furlough, eager to share their stories from the field with your church and the faithful supporters of their ministry year upon year. Still, you can't help but wonder: Is there more to missionary care than this writing cheques, hosting furloughs, and offering up occasional prayers? There is! And what's missing may surprise you. It goes way beyond support cheques and missionary photos on the church wall, instead aiming straight for the heart of God's vision for the nations and His Church's mission to the world. What's more, you'll find it's the missing link between anemic missionaries who burn out and resilient missionaries who thrive. Mind the Gaps  compiles firsthand accounts from an experienced and practicing missionary care team in a local church which seeks to equip your church with the tools it needs to create a system of proactive care for the missionaries you send into the world. Learn how to come alongside those you send, and care for them as they care for others. Don't let those you send get caught in the vicious cycle of burnout and attrition. The stakes are too high. Instead, learn how to mind the gaps.

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