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The Real God for the Real World

The Real God for the Real World

John McClean | Gospel Groundwork | 9781922110107

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For many Christians, words like ‘theology’ and ‘doctrine’ taste dusty in our mouths: we don’t immediately see how they’re relevant to our daily life. But good theology should be thrilling: it tells us about our creator, sustainer, and redeemer and what it means to live in his world. That’s what this course aims to do: it’s serious theology, simply expressed, and concretely applied to help ‘ordinary Christians’ better love God, his people, and his world. The course is framed by an opening chapter on the gospel. It goes on to explore the Trinity, the person and work of Christ and of the Spirit, the Bible, creation, church, end times, and discipleship. Each chapter includes additional resources, including a primary source from church history and a hymn or song of praise.

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