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Are We There yet

Are We There yet

Ruth Baker | Ark House Press | 9780648825999

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The Christian journey is the journey of a lifetime, but all journeys can become difficult. We start out strong, but the road gets long and arduous and the view gets a bit boring. Sometimes we set ourselves on cruise control or we've even slowed down to a crawl and it's hard to know how to get back on track.

When we're at these difficult points, we see the various discipleship markers (like Bible reading, prayer, pastoral care and evangelism for example) and yet we find it so hard to engage with them. We want to stay on course and keep our eyes on Jesus, but in the chaos of our lives, how do we do that in practice? In reaction to these difficulties, we can take control of the journey ourselves by making a to-do list of our discipleship.

While acknowledging that our salvation comes from grace and our strength comes from God, there are some things that we can do to persevere in our discipleship. Are We There Yet? aims to meet people where they really are and unpack these concepts so there is a lasting ability to replenish our stamina for the journey, without making our faith a to-do list. This book is great for a solo journey or to read with your Bible study group, to self-reflect and build confidence together.

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