Common Confession: Essays in Honor of James M. Renihan

Common Confession: Essays in Honor of James M. Renihan

Edited by Ronald S. Baines, Richard C. Barcellos, and James P. Butler | Reformed Baptist Academic Press | 9780991659937

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This volume of essays is offered in honor of Dr. James M. Renihan. Because he is a historical theologian, most of the essays cover issues in that field of study. But because he is much more than a historical theologian, colleagues and friends of Dr. Renihan were asked to contribute essays covering the various branches of the theological encyclopedia. The efforts here reflect the contributors’ esteem for their brother and the impact he has had in a wide range of theological inquiry and praxis. The publisher is pleased to present these essays in honor of an esteemed friend and teacher. Many have been helped tremendously by Dr. Renihan’s friendship, scholarship, counsel, and faithfulness to Christ and his calling as pastor and theologian.