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DVD Changing Lanes

DVD Changing Lanes

Jonny Pearse | 10Publishing | 9781909611030

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The Changing Lanes Course is an evangelistic DVD course ideally aimed at teenagers aged 15–17.  In a word it’s about direction. Life according to Jesus is very simple; there are just two roads and two destinations. Over seven episodes the course takes participants on a journey of discovery in search of the meaning to life and the truth about God. 1. TAKEN FOR A RIDE!THE TRUTH ABOUT RELIGION 2. IT’S A SIGN!THE TRUTH ABOUT EVIDENCE 3. DODGY STEERING!THE TRUTH ABOUT SIN 4. COLLISION COURSE!THE TRUTH ABOUT HELL 5. HITTING THE BRAKES!THE TRUTH ABOUT JESUS 6. GREEN LIGHT TO GOD!THE TRUTH ABOUT FORGIVENESS 7. INTO GEAR!THE TRUTH ABOUT CHRISTIANITY The course can be used in a youth–group setting or alternatively as an online self–study resource. The online self–study version of the course is available free of charge ( and for those wishing to run the course in a larger group setting then all the relevant resources can be purchased here at 10ofthose. Ideally you need one study guide per participant. The leaders guide can be downloaded for free from the Changing Lanes website.

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