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Stuck For Words

Stuck For Words

Doris Zagdanski | Wilkinson Publishing | 9781925642001

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Author Doris Zagdanski talks to grieving people almost every day. And one thing has not changed over the years. Invariably the subject of what someone said that puzzled or upset them still comes up all of the time. As long as there are people around who truly believe that time will heal or God did this for a reason or it's best to be brave and not cry, grieving people will continue to feel misunderstood and alone. Friends may cross the street or just not visit like they used to - not because they don't care, they just don't know how to make an approach. They don't know how to use the power of empathy to connect with their friend. In this book, Doris enlists the help of grieving people to tell you what they need from you. She has adapted communication skills and counselling techniques to enable us to speak confi dently with a grieving friend, relative, colleague or client ...anybody who needs to talk about their feelings. Here you have countless strategies to respond with empathy, without falling into the trap of being stuck for words. Doris writes as if she is speaking to you. She tells a compelling story and is willing to share her own experience of Cot Death and breast cancer so that others may learn.

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