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Wang (Hope)

Wang (Hope)

Bryson Smith; Mi Mai Gong Fang (Translator) | Matthias Media | 9781925887129

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身为基督徒,我们蒙召进入的是一个既浩大又永恒的盼望,这是神亲自为我们所预备的一个生机勃勃又无限美好的未来。布莱森·史密斯用他的真知灼见和风趣幽默帮助我们解析圣经对这个盼望的描述──这个盼望是什么,又不是什么?这个盼望如何安慰、挑战并决定着我们基督徒每一天的生活? 在我们剖析这些伟大真理时,我们将会发现把这个盼望时刻放在我们思想的前沿是多么的重要,因为每一天我们都在等待着那美好现实的到来,那时耶稣将荣耀地再来,完美将至! As Christians, we have been called to a great and eternal hope—a wonderful, vibrant picture of the future God has in store for us. But how do we think about that hope? What exactly is it? And how does it affect our lives here and now? With insight and humour, Bryson Smith unpacks what the Bible has to say about hope—what it is (and isn't), and how it comforts, challenges and directs us in our day-to-day lives as Christians. As we explore these great truths, we'll discover how important it is to keep our hope at the forefront of our minds, as we live for the wonderful day when Jesus returns and our hope becomes reality. Includes discussion guide.

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