Anxiety: Calming the Fearful Heart (HFTH)

SKU: 9781628629859
Anxiety: Calming the Fearful Heart (HFTH)

Anxiety: Calming the Fearful Heart (HFTH)

SKU: 9781628629859
Author: June Hunt | Publisher: ASPIRE
Enjoy having a quick guide to anxiety, filled with practical counseling advice and encouragement that you can put to use immediately. Includes:
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Simple explanations and definitions
  • Relatable stories and biblical solutions
  • Practical, step-by-step advice
Those struggling with anxiety will find peace and hope in this practical and biblical book by June Hunt (Hope for the Heart Ministries).

The fearful unknowns, unending what-ifs, sleepless nights, and nervousness lead to a sense of impending doom. Then muscles tense, thoughts race, hearts pound, and breath is shortened. It’s anxiety. Anxiety is complex and multifaceted, affecting every area of life. The good news is God invites you to bring your anxiety to Him. Discover how God’s Word can help calm the fearful, anxious heart.

  • Causes: What causes anxiety?
  • Definitions: What are anxiety disorders? What is the connection between anxiety, stress, and depression?
  • Explanations: Myths and misconceptions about anxiety.
  • Practical Applications: How to control your thoughts. How to calm your body.
This easy-to-read guide is filled with frequently asked questions, simple explanations, relatable stories, and biblical solutions based on June Hunt’s decades of ministry and counseling experience. It follows the same quick-guide format that has led to the Hope for the Heart series’ success as a trusted source (over 1 million copies sold).

Key Features:
  1. Digs into Scripture: Find out what the Bible says about anxiety, panic attacks, trusting God, and more.
  2. Interactive and Practical: Based on the bestselling Hope for the Heart series (over 1 million copies sold), this trusted counseling guide includes reflection questions, quizzes, and practical steps you can take each day.
  3. Relevant and Relatable: It shares real stories and answers tough questions about anxiety.
Simple Biblical Foundations for Practical Solutions to Worry
Unlike other counseling guides, this quick-reference is laid out in an easy-to-follow format with key principles straight from the Word of God. Relevant Scriptures are outlined and formatted to clearly give you a step-by-step roadmap to help you understand and overcome worry:

Look for other titles in the Hope for the Heart series. These mini-books are for people who seek freedom from codependency, anger, conflict, verbal and emotional abuse, depression, or other problems.
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