Where'd You Park Your Spaceship?

SKU: 9798986996042

Where'd You Park Your Spaceship?

SKU: 9798986996042
Author: Rob Bell | Publisher: Backhouse Books
Heen Gru-Bares has been SERIES 5 for most of his adult life, traveling from planet to planet collecting data and filing reports for the CHAIRS who run the universe.

And then he lands on the planet Firdus for his next assignment and he meets
Borns and Lan Zing and Ziga Mey and Dill Tudd and something unsettling begins to stir within him, something unnerving and profoundly disruptive. Out of all the planets he's been to over the decades he's been doing this job, what is it about this one particular planet Firdus that so subversively affects him like it does?

And then Noon Yeah shows up and he learns that she's a SIGN 7,
sent to Firdus to do a GRAINING because of his failure to execute
the task at hand-it's more than he can bear as what he thought
was his life begins to unravel around him...

Will Heen make it through this devastating turbulence?
What will happen to Dill Tudd?
And is all of this a set up, one of the symptoms of a larger malaise that will
continue to spread through the entire universe unless someone does
something to stop it?

It's a galactic saga of struggle and survival.
It's an interplanetary tale of love, loss, and bread.
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Customer Reviews

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Claire Harvey
A quirky, enjoyable and unique literary adventure!

I regularly tune in to Rob Bell's 'robcast', so feel like I've been a bit of an insider on this new writing journey of his. On his podcast Rob has shared at reasonable length about aspects of the process which has involved a serious degree of very bravely and joyously going with the flow! This whole orientation of 'seeing what unfolds' reflects a deeper openness to life and learning and to being a very present participant, rather than a restrained observer.

As someone with a keen interest in climate change, I found the whole framing intriguing, in terms of a completely fictional character journeying through space, connecting with various communities on an array of planets, looking back at an 'origin story' that speaks of a now brown-balled planet earth. The whole premise of being in the future and looking back provides a platform for critical reflection from a safe distance, which might - on a good day - help human beings better understand our unique place in human history and exactly what it is that is at stake, for all humankind.

I heartily agree with other reviewers, that it's rather hard to do this book proper justice in a short review, especially without spoiling it for everyone else. It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but as someone who has watched Rob's own personal and 'ministry' journey unfold with curiosity, empathy and deep resonance, I found this to be a fun and thought-provoking summer read! *

* I did buy the book, but confess to having started out listening to the audiobook, while busying myself in the garden. Rob narrates, and it's neither polished nor perfect, which kind of adds an endearing sense of the whole thing being done in real-time!

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