Made for More

SKU: 9781925424249
Made for More

Made for More

SKU: 9781925424249
Author: Emily Cobb | Publisher: Matthias Media

When do you feel you’re doing what you were made for?

When you run? When you’re in the zone at work? When you laugh with friends? But if it can all be taken away by age or accident or abandonment, were you really made for something so fleeting? Who are you without it?

In Made for More, you’ll discover...

  • how you were made for lasting purpose, hope and fulfilment
  • why true meaning and life is found in knowing the God who made you
  • that this God isn’t who you think he is; he is far, far better.

This book helps you think afresh about the big questions of life—and about the life you were made for.

Ideal for giving to a not-yet-Christian friend.

About the Author

Emily Cobb is a writer and graphic designer based on the North Coast of NSW. She is married to Dave and they have three little children. Emily loves being creative and spending time with people. She especially enjoys thinking and chatting about life’s deeper questions and the practicalities of living what she believes (ideally over a cup of tea).

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