The Reconnected Heart

SKU: 9781664215641
The Reconnected Heart

The Reconnected Heart

SKU: 9781664215641
Author: Jonathan Andrews | Publisher: Westbow

Do you carry pain from a previous or existing relationship?

Perhaps a friend, family member or partner has hurt you and you just can't seem to get over it. You try to move forward, but you have suffered injuries of connection and your heart isn't healing.

Injuries of connection can be the deepest and most disruptive of all psychological conditions, leading to deep feelings of betrayal, worthlessness, shame and alienation.

But there is hope.

While it is true that relationships can hurt us, they can also heal us. Your heart can mend by connecting with yourself, connecting with safe and understanding people, and connecting with the God who created you and longs to love you in the midst of your pain.

Using his 20 years of experience as a practising clinical psychologist, together with biblical foundations, insights from literature and scientific evidence, Dr Jonathan Andrews will lead you through the steps of healing. He will guide you through the chaos of psychological injuries caused by disconnection and towards a reconnected heart-and set you up for a life of trust, self-esteem, honour and belonging.
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Sally Trethewey
My Reconnected Heart

Jono Andrews has written a brilliantly researched and easy to read book, drawing on all his experience and knowledge as a clinical psychologist and theologically trained Christian husband and father. I could relate my own life journey and the journey of many other friends to what he wrote. He has given me a wise emotional and spiritual framework to move forward through pain from the past into the freedom of grace, mercy and forgiveness to love and serve God and others. Thank you Jono.

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