Revolutionary Worship

SKU: 9781913896133
Revolutionary Worship

Revolutionary Worship

SKU: 9781913896133
Author: William Taylor | Publisher: 10Publishing
All over the world, wherever we find human existence, people worship. Whatever we worship, whether the good life, our local football team, our self-image, or something else, we are all worshippers. The Christian understanding of worship is revolutionary when compared to all other worship in the world, yet our tendency is to compartmentalise it, holding worship apart from our day-to-day lives.

In this book, William Taylor explains how the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus has revolutionised our worship such that it involves the whole of our life – in our work, in the hospital, in the hair salon, or in the football stands. Revolutionary Worship challenges us to not see worship as one hour in church on a Sunday, but rather as a 24/7, 360° affair, where every place we enter is a space of worship.

This helpful book will encourage anyone who struggles to see how worship is relevant in their daily lives.


Revolutionary Worship points us to Scipture for a right understanding of what our worship of God should look like. There are few books that are able to give us a succinct yet holistic picture of what worship is. For such a short and valuable read, you will find few reasons not to pick it up. (Nathan Xing)

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