The Pleasures of Pessimism (Re-considering Series)

SKU: 9780647530757
The Pleasures of Pessimism (Re-considering Series)

The Pleasures of Pessimism (Re-considering Series)

SKU: 9780647530757
Author: Natasha Moore | Publisher: Acorn Press
Re:CONSIDERING invites you to look at what's familiar from an unfamiliar angle. To consider how we consider things - and how to do it better.

Pandemic, supervolcano, late capitalism, transhumanism, populism, cancel culture post-antibiotic age, the gig economy, the surveillance state, the cascading effects of climate change...

Whatever the specifics, do you feel like things have gone off the rails - or are just about to?
If you've read the news, watched a zombie movie, or gotten into an argument on Twitter lately, the answer is probably yes.

And you're not alone.
What makes us such apocaholics?
What's so appealing about Armageddon? What are the pleasures - and also the perils - of our pessimism?
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