Foundations of Faith: Reflections on the 39 Articles

SKU: 9781784983390
Foundations of Faith: Reflections on the 39 Articles

Foundations of Faith: Reflections on the 39 Articles

SKU: 9781784983390
Author: Lee Gatiss | Publisher: Lost Coin

This book is such a useful contribution to the understanding of Anglican theology. I really appreciate those who thought of the idea and those who have written. The key thing is to share the teaching of the Articles with the whole Church. A long overdue initiative! – Archbishop Peter Jensen, General Secretary of GAFCON

A stellar cast of Anglican pastors and theologians from around the world reflect on the foundational teachings of global Anglicanism. Putting the Thirty-nine Articles in their biblical and historical context, they navigate some of the difficult terrain with clear and compelling application for today.

Each article is preceded by a Bible text with study and reflection questions. The article is stated, and commented upon in a short article. There then follow discussion questions and a suggested prayer.

This book is a great resource for churches to use as a study guide to reflect on the foundational articles of the Anglican church.

Table of Contents:

Introduction Lee Gatiss

1 The Holy Trinity Mark Smith

2 The Son of God Rob Munro

3 Descending into Hell Mark D Thompson

4 Christ's Resurrection Kirsty Birkett

5 The Holy Spirit Adam Young

6 The Sufficient Scriptures Martin Foord

7 The Old Testament Andrew Atherstone

8 The Creeds Simon Vibert

9 Original Sin John Percival

10 Free Will Tom Woolford

11 Justification Ash Carter

12 Good Works Jane Tooher

13 Works before Justification Henry Jansma

14 Dutiful Servants Trevor Johnston

15 Sinless Perfection Ben Thompson

16 Sin after Baptism Clare Hendry

17 Predestination Paul Darlington

18 The Uniqueness of Christ Rohintan Mody

19 The Church Andrew Cinnamond

20 Church Authority Mark Pickles

21 General Councils Mark Earngey

22 Purgatory Tim Patrick

23 The Call to Ministry Rod Thomas

24 Intelligible Prayer Andrea Ruddick

25 Sacraments Wallace Benn

26 Unworthy Ministers Mark Burkill

27 Baptism Glenn N Davies

28 The Lord's Supper Ben Cooper

29 Faithless Communion Charlie Skrine

30 Both Bread and Wine Kara Hartley

31 The Only Satisfaction Ed Loane

32 The Marriage of Priests Keith Sinclair

33 Excommunication Michael Nazir-Ali

34 Church Traditions James Taylor

35 The Homilies Gerald Bray

36 Making Ministers David Peterson

37 Civil Magistrates Geoffrey Firth

38 Property and Poverty Ed Shaw

39 Oaths Ros Clarke


Scripture Index

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