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Benefaction and Patronage in Leadership

Benefaction and Patronage in Leadership

Nzyoka Joshua, Nathan | Langham Monographs | 9781783685011

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Since antiquity, many have come to view benefaction and patronage in a negative light, largely due to the increasingly immoral motives of those involved in systems that can be exploitative or corrupt. Dr Nathan Joshua provides a counter to this perception and instead draws attention to the goodness of godly benefaction and patronage from an African Christian perspective.Dr Joshua gives a detailed historical analysis of the Pastoral Epistles in the social context of benefaction and patronage in the first century AD, while offering a comparative study on how to carefully apply the values of benefaction and patronage in light of Paul’s perspective in the Pastoral Epistles, in Christian life and leadership. This is a valuable resource addressing the need for leadership with integrity, and challenging the negative outlook surrounding benefaction and patronage today.

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