A Golden Chain

SKU: 9780648725053
A Golden Chain

A Golden Chain

SKU: 9780648725053
Author: William Perkins | Publisher: Tulip Publishing

Written by William Perkins (1558-1602), A Golden Chain is one of the best treatments of the doctrines of election and reprobation ever written. Due to its controversial nature, it is one of the few significant and influential works written by a Puritan which has not been widely republished as a standalone version. In this version of A Golden Chain, transcribed from the 1597 edition of Perkins’ work, it has been lightly abridged and modernised with simplified language and new structural diagrams. This release will also include a brief introduction to both Perkins’ life and work written by Perkins scholar, Matthew Payne.


“Few books may truly be called seminal in the primary sense of that term, but William Perkins’ A Golden Chain certainly deserves that adjective. Reflecting the best thinking of the 16th century English reformation, it is an abundant deposit of the most valuable theology mined from holy scripture. It does not simply contain the occasional nugget, nor is it merely gilded around the edges. This cart is full of rich ore, a treasure central to the development of the riches of English puritan theology. Joined with a judicious introduction, this reprint provides the reader with an accessible introduction to the works of a leading and justly famous Church of England Puritan. You will profit greatly as you read.”

Dr. James M. Renihan
President of IRBS Theological Seminary,
Mansfield, Texas

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