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Enamoured with Piety (Hardback Edition)

Enamoured with Piety (Hardback Edition)

Yarran Johnston | Tulip Publishing | 9780648725077

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Being released in the 400th anniversary of his birth, Enamoured with Piety by Dr. Yarran Johnston, offers an insight into the life and ministry of the Puritan, Thomas Watson. Johnston traces the pervading theme of godliness in Watson’s thoughts and writings, making the case that Watson represents English Puritanism in its mature phase, specifically in its understanding of godliness as a proper regard for God. 


“Yarran Johnston’s sympathetic although not uncritical account of the life and teaching of one of the best known Puritans, Thomas Watson, is well informed and fills a significant gap in scholarly literature. He sets Watson’s numerous writings, of which A Body of Divinity is the best-known, in their context and analyses his theologically grounded affectional piety most helpfully. The very clarity of Johnson’s exposition makes this also a dangerous book since it challenges a reader’s own piety. Take up and read!.”

Rev. Dr. Rowland S. Ward
Research Lecturer, Presbyterian Theological College, Melbourne, Australia

“A concern for Godliness stood at the heart of the English Puritan movement. Yet, strangely, few scholars have analyzed what godliness meant in this context. Yarran Johnston helps to fill this gap in the literature by expanding our understanding of godliness through the eyes of Thomas Watson, who was one of its ablest and thorough defenders during mid to late seventeenth century. His study is sensitive to the times in which Watson lived and gives readers a window into a key characteristic of Puritanism through an analysis of Watson’s extensive writings.”

Dr. Ryan M. McGraw
Academic Dean and Morton H. Smith Professor of Systematic Theology, Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

“Thomas Watson deserves far more attention than he has received in the past. Thankfully, Yarran Johnston has provided us a fresh and practical way into this Puritan and his work. Drawing particularly on Augustine, Bernard, and Calvin to historically anchor Watson’s approach, Johnston helps us understand how this minster distinctly understood and encouraged true godliness. In this, Watson is well worth our attention.”

Dr. Kelly M. Kapic
Professor of Theological Studies, Covenant College


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