Pac-Man The Card Game

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Pac-Man The Card Game

SKU: 5060453695449
Author: Card Game | Publisher: Steam Forged Games


Like the arcade game PAC-MAN the Card Game is a colourful and simple game with mass appeal. It's a brand new PAC experience that will quickly get you hooked.


  • 108 cards (across 2 decks)

 There are three ways to play:

Stage 1: Beginners | 2–4 players | 5–15 min

Your aim is to get the most points without being knocked out by ghosts. Fruit and PAC-dot cards are worth points; power up cards have special rules, like having two players swap hands; and three ghost cards will knock you out of the game!

Stage 2: Advanced | 2–4 players | 5–15 min

Mastered the Level 1 deck? Challenge yourself with the Level 2 deck, which has more ghosts and stronger power ups!

Bonus Stage | Up to 8 players | 15–25 min

In this version of the game, you can combine both decks to play with up to 8 players

  • Rip open and ready CDU holding 6 units to display near your register
  • Individually euro hooked in case you want to peg them out on a wall or spinner
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