Explorations in Asian Christianity

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Explorations in Asian Christianity

SKU: 9780830851003
Author: Scott W. Sunquist | Publisher: IVP US

Asia is the birthplace of Christianity. If Christianity is not usually seen as an Asian religion, that is because the history of Christianity in Asia has long been a difficult one. Whereas Christianity in the West received royal support, Asian Christianity has led a more nomadic and exilic existence. Today it is the least Christianized region of the world.

Scott W. Sunquist is a recognized expert on the history of the Christian faith in Asia. Over the years he has published and spoken frequently on this theme. Explorations in Asian Christianity gathers his key writings on the topic and organizes them into four main categories: surveys that look at Asian Christianity in broad perspective, historical investigations that look at how Christianity shapes our understanding of history and historiography, missiological studies that look closely at issues of place, and finally essays on theological education.

Topics explored in this volume include


  • Ecumenism in Asia
  • The cruciform nature of Christianity
  • A missiology of place
  • The Christian view of time
  • Global migration
Explorations in Asian Christianity sheds light on one of the most important but least well-known areas in Christian history.
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