For the Children's Sake

SKU: 9781433506956
For the Children&

For the Children's Sake

SKU: 9781433506956

This simple, practical, user-friendly resource helps parents enrich their children's education by extending learning experiences to all of life.

Susan Schaeffer Macauley was raised in L’abri, Switzerland by her parents Francis and Edith Schaeffer. In the 1980s she wrote For the Children's Sake. It remains a modern classic.

New parents might think a book about education won't be relevant for another five years, but the wisdom in this book shapes how we relate to our children from the day they are born. Susan introduces us to Charlotte Mason's philosophy of education, especially the idea that ”Children are born persons”. We are parents to our children, but they are not mere possessions or pets:

“We are human beings, persons, created to live. To have life more abundantly. Wonder together; grow together. Together share the struggles of knowing that we cannot perfectly follow God’s law. We are fellow-pilgrims. We walk side-by-side with human beings under the love and authority of Him who made us.”

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