SKU: 9781473643147


SKU: 9781473643147
Author: Tim Keller | Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton

 'Why is it better for me to forgive someone and take on the cost of that forgiveness myself?' In his new book, renowned pastor and author Timothy Keller grapples with this thorny question: why we should forgive those who hurt us.

It is the heart of the gospel, but it's not solely important on a religious level; the matter of forgiveness has a huge impact on social and cultural levels, in terms of how we deal with the people, and problems, in our lives. What is it like to carry around resentment and judgement, and what does it cost us to do so - as against the very real personal cost of extending forgiveness to others?

These are issues that matter on a daily level, as well as a spiritual one. Writing with his trademark wisdom and deep reliance on the Bible, Keller helps readers think about these questions in an way that will help them rethink their lives, in ways that point to Jesus showing us how to live in the world - and how we can live in a spirit of forgiveness.

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Forgive - Tim Keller

In this book, Keller’s handling of the Bible leaves much to be desired; he overlooks essential details, fails to consider context and misconstrues the meaning of texts to impose his assumptions; he confuses the categories of grace and forgiveness, and leaves readers with the false dichotomy that if you don’t forgive, you’ll be vengeful. His model of attitudinal and transacted forgiveness is neither biblically supported, logically coherent, nor without significant negative pastoral impact. Keller’s book will further entrench confusion on this very important subject.


Outstanding book. Easy to read yet challenging. Cannot recommend it enough

Richard Sweatman
An in depth look at forgiveness

Tim Keller brings together his knowledge of the Bible and theology, his pastoral experience, and his skills in analysing culture to the tough topic of forgiveness. He addressed most of the common questions so this is a great resource for pastors and thoughtful Christian readers. Non-Christians who are open to hearing from the Bible will find things in this book to help them think about forgiveness and the gospel of Jesus.

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