The Definitive Book of Body Language

SKU: 9781489221919
The Definitive Book of Body Language - 9781489221919 - Alan and Barbara Pease - Harper Collins Australia - The Little Lost Bookshop

The Definitive Book of Body Language

SKU: 9781489221919
From internationally renowned authors, Allan and Barbara Pease comes the worldwide bestseller The Definitive Book of Body Language.

In this book they examine and explain in simple terms, each component of body language. Regardless of your vocation or position in life, you will be able to use it to obtain a better understanding of life's most complex event – a face–to–face encounter with another person. It will make you more aware of your own non–verbal cues and signals, and will show you how to use them to communicate effectively and obtain the reactions you want.

You will also discover how to:
• Make a positive impression on others
• Interview and negotiate successfully
• Know if someone is available
• Bond quickly and encourage others to co–operate
• Make yourself likeable and approachable
• Tell if someone is lying
• Read between the lines of what is said
• Recognise love–signs and power–plays

This book will enable you to use body language to read others – and get what you want!

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