Apprentice (Collective Underground #1)

SKU: 9781621841487
Apprentice (Collective Underground

Apprentice (Collective Underground #1)

SKU: 9781621841487
Author: Kristen Young | Publisher: Enclave Publishing

The Love Collective is everywhere.
It sees everything.
Be not afraid.

Apprentice Flick remembers everything, except the first five years of her life. And for as long as she can remember, Flick has wanted to enter the Elite Academy—home to the best, brightest, and most loyal members of the Love Collective government.

Flick’s uncanny memory might get her there, too … even if it is the very thing that marks her as a freak. But frightening hallucinations start intruding into her days and threaten to bring down all she has worked so hard to accomplish. Why is she being hijacked by a stranger’s nightmare over and over again?

Moving to the Elite Academy could give Flick the future she’s always wanted. But her search for truth may lead to a danger she cannot escape.

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Customer Reviews

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Christine Dillon
Excellent, dystopian fiction

4.5 stars
A story that drags you along with its main character. Things are revealed as Flick finds them out.
Is all as it seems?
Lovers of dystopian stories and young adults will love this story.
Each book is a complete story but also part of a whole. Looking forward to part 2.

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