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Naked Surrender - Coming Home to Our True Sexuality

Naked Surrender - Coming Home to Our True Sexuality

Andrew Comiskey | IVP UK | 9781844744923

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Would you like to embrace the God-given gift of sexuality? become free and stay free from sexual idols? be comfortable in your own body? love and value others, both in singleness and marriage? Help is here. Jesus sees our bodies as temples, houses where he wants to live. And no matter what we've done sexually or what's been done to us, he can reclaim us and make us his own. Whole. Healed. Pure. Andy Comiskey has walked the long road of sexual brokenness and pain and emerged a new creation in Christ, healed from the past. Through Desert Stream Ministries, he counsels and teaches people of all ages and situations to find sexual wholeness. In these pages he serves as your guide and companion, helping you see how deeply Jesus loves you and how relevant he is to your sexual identity. 'God cares about what goes on in the temple,' Andy writes. 'He created the body and sexuality for holy purposes. His destiny for humanity involves our bodies ' What's more, God cares about you and your body, and he has healing for you through Jesus and through the body of Christ. Come, use your good, redeemable body to open these pages and walk the path of wholeness and hope.

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