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A Christian's Guide to the Japanese

A Christian's Guide to the Japanese

Overseas Missionary Fellowship | Christian Focus | 9781845503161

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Globalisation means that increasingly we meet people from a wider variety of nations and cultures.The manufacturing revolution that has seen Japan become one of the top industrialised nations in the world means that more Japanese people are travelling abroad and more people are travelling to Japan.What should Christian's know about the Japanese? That question is answered by this book.A Christian's Pocket Guide to the Japanese firstly looks at the history, culture and religions common in Japan - and their attitude to Christianity.Secondly, it gives guidance on how to befriend Japanese people (including a life-saving 'Do's' and 'Don'ts' section) and thirdly how best to talk to them about Christianity itself.There are also useful appendices with suggested further reading and how to lead a Bible study.If you meet people from Japan at work, school or socially - or if you travel to Japan - then this is an invaluable book.