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Lectures to My Students

Lectures to My Students

Zondervan Staff; Charles Spurgeon | Christian Focus | 9781857924176

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Spurgeons Lectures to my Students, contain the substance of Spurgeons regular Friday afternoon addresses to the college students. This new complete and unabridged Banner edition contains all the lectures in the original first and second series, including The Ministers Self-Watch, The Preachers Private Prayer, The Ministers Fainting Fits, The Holy Spirit in Connection with our Ministry, The Need of Decision for the Truth, and On Conversion as our Aim. Also included is a third series of lectures, originally published as The Art of Illustration, which focuses on the nature, use, and sources of illustrations and anecdotes in preaching. To make this new edition as complete as possible, the publisher has also included Spurgeons Commenting Commentaries, with two further lectures and a fascinating and humorously annotated catalogue of commentaries. This catalogue will produce enthusiasts for books, it also opens up a new world by its well-placed signposts to the riches of the past.

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