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Making the Most of the Rest of Your Life (DVD)

Making the Most of the Rest of Your Life (DVD)

John Chapman, Tony Payne | Matthias Media | 9781921068997

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The Bible teaches that all people will die, and all will survive the grave and live either with Christ or without him in eternity. 76-year-old evangelist John Chapman explores how we can know if this is true, and, if so, how to prepare for that eternity. This is a warm-hearted, good-humoured and challenging evangelistic book for 'seniors'. It explains how we can know about life after death, what the new creation will be like, and whether we can be sure of being part of it. (Large print!)

John Chapman writes: "I am 76 years old. You may think it strange that I am writing about making the most of the rest of our lives. Humanly speaking, I don't have all that much left. The average male lives for 79 years. That doesn't leave me much time. On the other hand, if there is life after death, if eternity is really eternity and I have the greater bulk of my life to look forward to, then that makes all the difference. If there is life after death, is it possible to make the most of it? Is it possible to prepare for that life, or is it totally a matter of chance? These are the questions Tony and I want to address in this short DVD."

This is a marvellous evangelistic tool, and this format is an ideal alternative to the book, for those who are less likely to read, but more likely to watch an engaging discussion on TV.

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