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A Breathtaking Moment

A Breathtaking Moment

Ian Carmichael | Matthias Media | 9781921441264

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Although this attractive, brief and inexpensive Gospel tract can be used any time of the year, it is particularly appropriate for the Christmas season. It reflects on the remarkable thing that God did in taking on human flesh (a breathtaking God). It then reminds us of the fact that this one who humbled himself is also the Creator of the world who breathes life into us (a breath-giving God). To rescue us from our rebellion, he 'breathed his last' on a Roman cross (the God who stopped breathing). But through his resurrection he breathed again, conquered death and now gives us new life (the God who can breathe new life into you). The tract ends with a simple prayer to receive Jesus, and space for you to print your own or your church's contact details. Ideal for: » Including with Christmas cards or gifts » Letterbox delivery to your neighbourhood » Handing out at Christmas events or carol services » Giving to strangers on the bus »Leaving in waiting rooms.

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