When the Noise Won't Stop

SKU: 9781922206558
When the Noise Won&

When the Noise Won't Stop

SKU: 9781922206558
Author: Paul Grimmond | Publisher: Matthias Media

Is there a relationship between anxiety and sin? If so, what does the Bible say about it? Does the gospel offer comfort to those suffering from anxiety disorders? How can our hope in Christ lead us when living seems impossibly hard? Are psychology and medication biblical ways to seek help?

When the Noise Won’t Stop combines deep personal experience and comprehensive biblical study to demonstrate how the gospel addresses the pain and difficulty of anxiety. Avoiding simplistic answers while candidly sharing his own struggles, Paul Grimmond presents readers with a future that is both down-to-earth and full of hope, showing how the good news of Jesus offers light and promise to those who are suffering.

A well-known pastor and preacher, Paul begins with his story, outlining the perspectives of psychology and medicine. But the heart of this book is an in-depth consideration of how the Bible forms and addresses our understanding of anxiety.

When the Noise Won’t Stop is a much-needed encouragement for Christians dealing personally with an anxiety disorder and for Christians caring for someone with this growing societal problem.

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Customer Reviews

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Bellah Hewett

Great book for when having panic attacks

Melissa Gosson
When the noise wont stop

Just excellent. I found this really helpful. I read it to be better able to care for my friends with anxiety. I was both rebuked and encouraged and it has given me a better framework for answering them in a Biblical way when they are having periods of struggling with anxiety.
Thankful the author has shared so openly his own experiences and the godly thought he has put into the book.

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