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The Everlasting Purpose

The Everlasting Purpose

Broughton Knox | Matthias Media | 9781922206695

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In just under 50 pages, former Principal of Moore Theological College in Sydney, Broughton Knox provides an extraordinarily clear and encouraging explanation of the Bible's teaching on predestination. He shows the comfort, assurance and blessing that flow from understanding the nature of God, the nature of man, and the means of our salvation in Christ. Broughton Knox's clear thinking and steadfast commitment to the Scriptures will help you make sense of a topic that just about every Christian struggles to understand - let alone explain to others. This material was first published as 'God who is rich in mercy', a chapter in Broughton Knox's book The Everlasting God. “We do not by nature like the doctrine of predestination, for it appears to make us puppets on the one hand, and it appears unfair on the other. Yet it is a doctrine that is amply taught in Holy Scripture. It is based on the nature of God, who is sovereign and merciful; it is based on the nature of men, rebellious and dead in sin; and it is based on the character of salvation, which is a free gift.”

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