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God of Word: The Word, the Spirit and how God speaks to us

God of Word: The Word, the Spirit and how God speaks to us

John Woodhouse | Matthias Media | 9781922206831

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Our quiet, unspoken fear is that the broad stereotype is actually too often true: that the life of an evangelical is dry and lifeless, caught up in intellectual study of the text of Scripture and missing out on the joy and vitality that comes from being connected to the power of the Holy Spirit that many other Christians seem so overtly to experience. But how does God reveal himself to us today? Does he speak in ways other than the Bible? What is the connection between his Word and his Spirit? And where do my emotions fit in?   In this Brief Book, John Woodhouse helps us think through these important and confronting concerns.   Key Benefits • Short and accessible. • Helps bring biblical perspective to some contentious issues surrounding how God speaks today. • Challenges readers to respond with heart and mind to God's word.   Useful for... • Correcting common misunderstandings about how God speaks to us. • Understanding the role of the Holy Spirit.  

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