Bringing Forth Life

SKU: 9781922866042
Bringing Forth Life

Bringing Forth Life

SKU: 9781922866042
Author: Jodie McIver | Publisher: Growing Faith

Pregnancy and birth bring a whirlwind of change to a woman’s body, identity, life and relationships. This is a huge transition, filled with excitement, uncertainty and anxiety.

What exactly is going on in our bodies? How do we make decisions about pregnancy care and birth? What will life be like as parents? What if something goes wrong?

But beyond these physical and emotional challenges, there is something even deeper going on.

Bringing Forth Life offers a unique look at pregnancy, birth and life with a newborn, preparing readers physically, emotionally and spiritually for these experiences and the Christlike transformation they promise. Weaving biblical perspectives and real women’s experiences together with the down-to-earth insights of a midwife, this book guides women and those supporting them along their childbearing journey. Bringing Forth Life goes beyond standard birth books as it leans on the wisdom of the ultimate life-giver to reveal the wonder and purpose of pregnancy.

About the author

Jodie McIver is a registered midwife and a graduate of Moore Theological College, Sydney, who has a love of theology, relationships and the human body. Jodie is married to Tim; they are in ministry in the Anglican Church and are the parents of three lively children.


This book is a lovely celebration of the God-given privilege of motherhood. Not shying away from the costs of child-bearing or parenting, it explores the miracle of new life as it develops and comes forth from a woman’s body. On a background of personal stories and helpful information, Jodie McIver explains how pregnancy and birth parallel God’s work to conform us to the image of Christ. It will be a helpful guide to those who want to think through the eternal significance of becoming parents.

Associate Professor Megan Best

Physician and bioethicist, author of Fearfully and Wonderfully Made and A Life Already Started


In this much needed book, Jodie McIver brings together professional knowledge, personal experience and biblical wisdom. As she shows, though the journey from conception through pregnancy to childbirth is fraught with worries and fears, there is a great opportunity in these months to lean into God and to find his joy—and Jodie is a great companion and guide.

Rev Dr Michael Jensen

Rector of St Mark’s Anglican Church, Darling Point, author of Is Forgiveness Really Free? and co-host of With All Due Respect


Each time my wife and I were expecting the birth of our children, we had many questions. Do we go private or public? Do we need the invasive screening tests? How will this affect our family dynamics? Jodie McIver’s Bringing Forth Life answers these and many other common questions that all expecting parents ask. Jodie combines her wisdom as both midwife and mother to bring insights from medicine, the Bible and real-life stories. I especially appreciated Jodie’s warm, personal, calm tone. This will be a great go-to resource for all parents.

Rev Dr Sam Chan

Speaker for City Bible Forum, author of Evangelism in a Skeptical World; How to Talk About Jesus (Without Being That Guy) and Topical Preaching in a Complex World


However you’re feeling about the approaching birth of your (or a loved one’s) baby, Bringing Forth Life will help you set this process within a larger story of personal identity, relationship and purpose through engaging with the God who brings forth life. Appreciating that people bring very different baggage and expectations and sharing a wealth of experience (her own and those of many other women), Jodie McIver guides new and expectant mothers through the seismic changes happening in their bodies, minds and lives with assurance and warmth. Whether you’re looking for a matter-of-fact guide or a rich theological account of pregnancy and birth (a topic which features surprisingly often in the Bible, it turns out), this book has something for you.

Dr Natasha Moore

Senior Research Fellow at The Centre for Public Christianity, author of The Pleasures of Pessimism and For the Love of God

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Customer Reviews

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Sharolyn Newington
An important book!

I came upon this book title (here at the Wandering Bookseller) by accident and was immediately drawn to it. I have had my four children so my pregnancy days are done, but I wanted to read it to add to my knowledge base, because I am passionate about all things birth and postpartum support and because I wanted to have it as a resource to loan to friends. It is full of practical information, but I was most drawn to the theological discussions around God and Jesus as both a mother and a woman in labour. These discussions were not new to me but laid out in a helpful way with some new connections. This was not something I heard about growing up in the church but since becoming a mother it seems so hugely important! What a unique (vital, cool, expansive…!) role and relationship women have (with our children, others and critically, with God!). The connections between a mothers painful, sacrificial love and that of Jesus were also helpful. Lots to think through. Would be wonderful to read as a book club with pregnant mums, using the discussion questions at the end of each chapter. I love having a new Aussie resource to recommend to Christian mums.

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