Together Through the Storm

SKU: 9781925424027
Together Through the Storm

Together Through the Storm

SKU: 9781925424027
Author: Sally Sims | Publisher: Matthias Media

In our fallen world, episodes of sickness, suffering, and other trials are all too common. And the Bible's clear call for us to show Christian love and care means we know we shouldn't sit idly by while people around us go through these tough times.

Yet our genuine concern for others is often hindered by valid fears—the fear of not knowing what to do or what to say; the fear of putting our foot in it and making things worse; or the fear that involvement may take us beyond our own personal resources.

In Together Through the Storm, Sally Sims helps us overcome these fears by setting out clear biblical foundations and very practical guidance for Christian care that is based in the word of God and in Christian hope.

Sally brings a tremendously useful mix of life experiences to this important book, including training and practice as a nurse, study in pastoral care and chaplaincy, extensive reading and research, years of coordinating and providing pastoral care in her church, and, of course, personally persevering through her own times of trial.

Reading Together Through the Storm will help any Christian to develop in their ability to care for others, but it also provides a useful foundation for training a 'care team' in your church.

This second edition has a new cover and some updated content.

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RJohn C
Together through the storm

I appreciated the insights that the writer provided as she explored the Biblical basis and practical pastoral guidance for both individuals and organisations as they grapple with pastoral care for our fellow christians as they face challenges to life and faith throughout their christian vocation. Useful for individuals, churches and organisations that wish to establish a christian basis to their pastoral practices. A good read.

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