From Here to Eternity

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From Here to Eternity

SKU: 9781925424102
Author: Ray Galea | Publisher: Matthias Media

"Romans 8 doesn't pretend that life is a bed of roses. It contains a healthy realism about the Christian life. There is no promise of an unachievable perfectionism this side of glory, no promise of heaven on earth. But neither am I left with a pessimistic Christianity where I am always filled with doubt, always defeated by sin, never making progress. Throughout Romans 8, Paul emphatically and repeatedly affirms that neither sin nor suffering will drive a wedge between the love of Christ and us."

Join long-time pastor and author Ray Galea as he takes you deep into "the most extraordinary chapter in the Bible". With penetrating insight, good humour, and a disarming personal honesty, Ray opens up the wonders of this chapter and takes us to the heart of the Christian life. From Here to Eternity also features special contributions from Christians who share their personal reflections on walking with God through suffering and finding real hope and comfort in the promises of Romans 8.

This book is a treasure for living the Christian life, no matter how long you've been walking with Jesus.

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