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Jesus: The Path to Human Flourishing

Jesus: The Path to Human Flourishing

I'Ching Thomas | Graceworks | 9789811157189

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Though the Christian faith is believed to have reached the shores of China way back in the 8th century, it is still generally perceived as a foreign or Western religion to many Cultural Chinese. How does this perception of Christianity as a foreign approach to spirituality advance or hinder our mission of making Cultural Chinese disciples of Christ? Has this negative reputation of the Christian faith changed today among Mainland Chinese? While the church in China has grown exponentially in the last few decades, the question still remains – can we find common ground between the Christian faith and the Chinese culture? What about Diaspora Chinese globally? Is it truly the case that Jesus and his teachings are alien to the Cultural Chinese mind? This book seeks to present the Gospel in a way that seamlessly corresponds with Confucius’s ideals for humanity but with a realistic solution. This means a Cultural Chinese can be a follower of Christ without having to shed his ethnic identity. In fact, by choosing the path of Jesus, the uniqueness of one’s culture and ethnicity is affirmed, as the Lord of Heaven is the Creator of all. There will be no identity dilemma — one can be a Chinese and a Christian with honor.

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