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Catching Foxes - A Gospel-Guided Journey to Marriage

Catching Foxes - A Gospel-Guided Journey to Marriage

John Henderson | P & R Publishing | 9781629953878

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Why Are Foxes on the Cover of this Premartial Guide? Because every marriage has 'foxes' lurking inside it! We all have idols and selfish appetites-and, like the foxes in Solomon's vineyard, they can cause untold destruction and heartache. In fact, how seriously a couple takes their own foxes will influence whether their marriage blooms and glorifies God, or is a shallow and pale imitation of the real thing. In this workbook for both individuals and groups, biblical counselor John Henderson stimulates meaningful conversation and prayer between engaged couples. The book's interactive format provides couples with a foundation for understanding what marriage is really about, becoming a godly husband or wife, and understanding conflict and resolving it biblically. Sit down together, ask a married couple to come alongside you, and get ready to chase the foxes out of your relationship. Book jacket.

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